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                                                  Emmaus Abbey Annual Report for FY 2017

Mission: "Caring for People and Connecting Them to Jesus Christ."

Our vision above stands as a clarion call as a CEC church to reclaim the ancient faith, reach a new generation and live it in holy community.  We do this through our daily mission of caring for people and connecting them to Jesus Christ.  The very DNA of our parish is to evangelize, disciple, equip and use every person and monetary resource to accomplish that vision and mission starting in our community here in Knoxville. 

Our parish met after church on 26 November 2017 and gave a summary of the ways Emmaus Abbey Church met our vision and mission in 2017.  Mr. Matt Rankin led our annual meeting by calling our meeting to order through prayer. Our church administrator (Pam Travis) prepared the agendas, minutes and handouts for the parish.  In addition answered correspondence, as needed, filled out the on-line IRS report to the state of Tennessee and filed that report in our records. 

Rector- Fr. Brett Travis

   God has walked beside us every step of the way this year. It ceases to amaze me how a small group of dedicated followers of Christ can accomplish so much.  It shows you that when following the ACTS church model of Living in Holy Communion with God what we can accomplish for his kingdom work in Knoxville. 

TREASURER: Mr. Matt Rankin

​​It has been an eventful year for Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre for Christian Counseling.  We moved twice in 2016-17 to a store front in Karn's and began renting the New Hope Presbyterian Church having services through September 2016.  The moves have proven to be less than helpful as a church plant since we lost our freedom to grow and have the freedom to use those facilities for our church growth. We have succumed to believe renting from other churches can be very limiting for trying to grow a church in an already established church.

   We were forced to look for another place to worship but nothing has come about so we decided to start a house church and build a residential chapel seating 50 people to start.  Fr. Brett Travis volunteered to use his home, facilities and it comes with all the sanctuary items to conduct a worship service.  We moved to our present location in September 2017 located at 7317 Glastonbury road and are running about 15 members strong. This will act as a temporary worship site until we can purchase property and relocate at a later time. 

We have supported missions in Albania, Kenya and several other overseas areas through our missions offerings. Our counseling ministry has grown and we operate about 15 hours a week in counseling. Many of our services are supported by donations and we have conducted over 35% of our counseling Pro Bono. In our 2017 counseling ministry we served about the same amount of clients we did in 2016.  We saw about 3 clients a week in 2016 and on average 5/week in 2017.  Most of our counseling services were Pro-Bono because many folks were not able to pay for counseling services and others we had to refer because we did not have the resources to provide them for continued counseling. 

We have reached out to our community to assist in the Opiate crisis in Knoxville by providing one on one counseling.  Men see male counselors and women are seen by female counselors.  We also find that marriage counseling has helped families deal with loved ones struggling with addiction.  Addiction is a family affair.

We are on face book and updated our website.  We have an updated website and feel this will assist with folks looking for a conservative and historic church holding to the ancient faith! God is doing something with us and we are continuing to remain patient as we wait on his prompting. 

Over the past year we have ran men's groups, attended CEC Convocations, Aslan Roar Conferences and developed our leadership teams. 

   * We are training five ministers in counseling this year

   * Have increased our counseling to support local medical facility with opiate counseling support

   * Developed an assimilation course for new members.

   * Started Wednesday noon and evening services and Christian Formation classes


We were unable to cover all our immediate expenditures and are seeking more churches and individual support for 2018. We are grateful to be able to offer an alternative to traditional secular counseling in our area.  We feel a mobile counseling ministry is a worthy cause by reaching into the community may be an option for 2018.  We have looked into this and found it to be a very expensive endeavor, a cost around 41,000 to start up the services. The problem is that we have no we to re-coup that cost without charging clients and we feel donations cannot cover the cost.  We hope that we can raise enough funds to purchase a trailer, tents & tables to setup where ever we serve in our community.
As you know, we are a small ministry and we use all our funds for ministry projects.  No-one in this ministry takes a salary or is paid.  When funds are not available many times we use personal funds to help others.  Once that is exhausted, we discontinue services.


   In 2016 -17 Emmaus ran men's groups on a variety of topics and well attended. The focus for 2018 will be to teach the CEC Certificate Program to all members of the church which is the foundations course for the ICCEC communion of churches. I am hoping that Mr. Tim Zawisza will take over the area of Christian Formation for Emmaus Abbey in the future. He could bring more consistency to our adult and children's education programs in the church.


To our Friend's Supporting Emmaus Abbey:

We thank you for your donations to this ministry and ask for your continued financial tax deductible gifts to enable us to continue to serve those looking for help, healing, and hope in the form of biblical counseling and discipleship.
Emmaus Abbey Centre for Counseling has been operating since January of 2012 and the church began in January 2013. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, and every gift is tax deductible.  All donations can be sent to: Emmaus Abbey Church, ATTN: Treasurer,  PO Box 7287, Knoxville, Tn 37921
We truly appreciate your prayers, referrals, and your financial support.  Thank you!

​EmmausAbbey Church