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Introduction to the Creation Therapy Course

Pictured above is the traditional version that includes a text book, a personal workbook, a Code of Ethical Standards for the Christian Counselor, instructions, two examinations, and the forms to complete an APS for yourself. Creation Therapy is the first course for every student of the Pastoral Counseling Center.  It provides the foundation for a proven model of Christian counseling that has been rigorously developed and proven over the last 30 years by thousands of Christian professionals. What follows is the introduction and statement of purpose directly from the text of Creation Therapy.  Your are encouraged to spend the time to read this information.  Be blessed as you read...

                                                                     A Biblically Based Model For Christian Counseling

Purposes of the course Creation Therapy:
> To provide the student with the biblical, historic and scientific background of the theory of temperament, Creation Therapy, and to provide

    evidence of the validity of this theory and counseling technique.

> To teach the student the general behavior pattern of each temperament, how it affects every aspect of all our lives, and how to use this

    information to assist the counselee.

> To introduce the student to a test called “Arno Profile System.” This test, unlike all other measurements of behavior, measures inborn

    temperament with an accuracy rate of 95.7%.

> To provide the student with a credible alternative to the counseling techniques currently available to the Christian community. The 

    therapeutic model taught in this course has a proven success rate of 93.4%. This percentage is based on therapy conducted with over 7,000


> To teach the student how to counsel others and how to assist their counselees in achieving long-term emotional and spiritual well-being.

CT-500 – Creation Therapy

Creation Therapy is the core foundational course for the Sarasota Academy for Christian Counseling (SACC) Certification program. The candidate will be provided an in-depth understanding of the theory of temperament and acquire knowledge of the scientific and biblical basis for Christian counseling. The course introduces the five temperaments and helps the student develop confidence in using the Arno profile system as a diagnostic tool. This is a nine-week academic course with a 10-week practicum utilizing the ARNO Profile System. This in no way provides a person a licensure neither to conduct professional counseling nor to charge for counseling services. This is a foundational counseling course for use in the local church, but required to continue into the Phase I & II NCCA licensure course.   Students in the Creation Therapy course are not allowed to charge their clients for the APS (Temperament Analysis Profile) nor for any counseling sessions during their initial Creation Therapy training.

Course Requirements:   

Part-1:  9-week course      

Part 2:    50 Hour- Supervised Practicum   (Student conducts 10 APS Reports)
Course: Course Book / Workbook / DVD
Quizzes will be provided after each chapter
Pass Two Proctored Exams – Unit I & Unit II

APPLICATION PROCESS | Contact: Dr. Travis @  Emmaus Abbey Church

Application is made through the Centre for Christian Counseling per a telephonic interview with Dr. Travis. Once completed the student fills out an application. The application is reviewed and then sent to Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling for processing.  Once the application is approved then the course work can begin. Courses are taught through the Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling or by the student applying through EC for distance learning. 

Finances: All checks are to be made out to: Emmaus Abbey Church. Subject line:Emmaus Abbey Church,  Thank you!

Part One of Creation Therapy:

Cost of Course: $303.00

45 hours/ 9 week course
Enrollment fee: $75.00  (To be submitted w/application)

Administrative fee: $35.00 (Submitted with application)

Student APS: $40.00  (Submit with application) Each student is required to complete a personal APS before the course begins)

Part Two: Creation Therapy Supervision | CT 500-Practicum:

Supervision/ Practicum Costs: $150.00- (Student pays practicum fees after completing the Creation Therapy Course Academics Part 1 and before starting Part Two of supervision | practicum phase).  Supervision: 3 hours: $50.00/hour. 
[Normally: 1 supervision hour/3 APS case studies] Student will be given a case study format to use.  The case study consists of your counseling sessions with counsellees. 

Practicum Field work: 10 APS @ $40.00 each = $400.00   Pay as you go... (The student has 12 weeks to complete their practicum: These fees are sent in as the student completes their client APS's)

Practicum face to face counseling hours: 50+ hours

After SACC Course completion

The student is eligible to join and be a "Clinical Member" the Sarasota Academy for Christian Counseling. One year clinical membership is $75.00 which includes the graduates Clinical Certificate

Additional Requirements:
Be a mature baptized Christian- 25 years old or older, regular church attendance,  has a good grasp of the Scriptures and seeks to help people struggling in their Christian walk.  

The time element involved is approximately 45 clock hours per course. This depends on the candidate’s own personal academic skills. Final examinations are closed book and require a proctor to ensure the integrity of the training except where otherwise listed.

Application Process: Call Dr. Travis @  865-661-1418