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Christian Counseling

NCCA Certified Academic Institution(CAI)

In 2013, the Emmaus Centre
( Centre is a French style spelling) was blessed to be a Certified Academic Institution (CAI) by the National Christian Counselors Association.  It has retained that certification continuously ever since. This means to you that taking courses and completing licensing through a (Certified Teaching Location) which produces exactly the same degrees and licenses that you would receive from one of the Christian colleges that employ NCCA coursework for their counseling programs.  But instead of traveling, living in a dorm, etc., you can do this from the comfort of your home.

In order to maintain this status, Emmaus Centre retains an NCCA Board Certified Clinical supervisor who has Clinical Christian Counseling board certification by the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists. Our certified supervisor, Dr. V. P. Travis, Jr. will play an important role in helping you to successfully complete the requirements for your education.

Who Do We Train
We train those God has called into helping others in need.  Both men and women are needed to serve in both commissioned and ordained ministry.  If you feel God has called you into the field of Christian counseling take the first step and call us to assist you in assessing your call to walk beside those who are hurting and need God's love.  Isa. 61:1

Advantages of Pastoral Counseling Center

Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling provides opportunities for its students to work in local churches or other Christian agencies.  Emmaus offers you a number of unique advantages over other ways you might obtain NCCA Christian Counseling certification and licensing. When you become a student of the Pastoral Counseling Center, you will have the following advantages:

PhD level supervision
Lower Coursework Cost
CAI Education format:
Traditional home study texts, DVD's. workbooks, electronic testing
Unlimited support via email.

350 hours practicum training
Facebook support: students are privileged to join a closed, by invitation only student group (TBA)
Telephone support
Skype video support
Special events at NCCA annual conference
Connections and discounts to supporting materials.
SACC yearly membership
Certifications and Licenses are issued by the NCCA
Degrees are conferred by accredited Seminaries & Colleges

Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling prays that you will seek the Lord and His guidance as you are led to select the right school for you.  God Bless You.