Our Vision

An Ancient Faith, Reaching a New Generation,  Lived in Holy Community

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  1.                                             Welcome to Emmaus Abbey Church                                                                        "Independent Anglican Church"

                                W e hope you enjoy your online experience and get a feel for what we're all about.  Come and worship                  with us this Sunday.  Whether you are far away from God, finding your way back to Him, or in a

     growing relationship with Him, we believe you'll find Emmaus Abbey to be a place where you can

      encounter Jesus in wonderful and life giving ways.   Emmaus Abbey has purchased property in   

            Knoxville and at the present time is meeting in a proprietary Chapel until it completes the building of

                          its church facilities.  Welcome home! 

                                    Our Mission: "Caring for People and Connecting Them to Christ."
                                                                                                       Galatians 6:1-3


Worship Times

Sunday Worship 1030am

Wednesday 1150am Healing Eucharist

Healing Prayer by appointment

Wednesday 6:30pm Christian Formation


Worship & Counseling Centre located at:

7317 Glastonbury Road, Knoxville, Tennessee  37931

Emmaus Abbey & Centre for Christian Counseling

Appointments Monday-Thursday

10am to 6pm daily

No weekend appointments

Office Phone: 865-661-1418

"Look under our Christian Counseling tab above for more information"

Counseling Services

Marriage & Family Counseling

Individual Counseling

Couple and Pre-Marital Counseling

Prayer and Healing Ministry

Crisis Counseling

Emotional Counseling: Depression, Anxiety, Anger...

Addiction Abuse

Emmaus Institute

                                          The Emmaus Institute is a "Certified Academic Institution" called a CAI governed under accreditation

               of the National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA). All courses are designed to equip those who aspire to become Christian    

       counselors with the biblical and clinical education to become pastoral practisioner in their churches, local agencies or open up private  

                                                                                               counseling ministries in their cities.  


Church Affiliation

Reclaiming the Ancient Faith, Reaching a New Generation, Lived in Holy Community."

    Emmaus Abbey Church is proud to be a part of the Diocese of the Midsouth and the conservative Charismatic Episcopal Church of North America (CECNA). Why, because we have remained steadfast to the orthodox biblical doctrines of the faith. We believe in the Bible and are an independent  communion formed in 1992 in response to the mega shift of many mainline churches becoming apostate churches in America. 

Our worship is expressed in three streams of the faith:Spirit, Word and Sacrament...of the Orthodox Tradition. We pattern our faith and worship after the early New Testament church.  We are an English Orthodox Communion of believers. We unapologetically proclaim Jesus Christ as the head of our Church.  We prescribe to our own Sacramentary, the 1928 BCP for private devotion and the 1979 BCP modified for our Sunday CEC worship. 

Our Vision is to: "Reclaim An Ancient Faith, Reaching a New Generation,  Lived in Holy Community."  We are an orthodox evangelical, liturgical and Sacramental Christian church that believes the road to the future runs through the past. And this is really what “Ancient-Future” means:

Our worship and spirituality are deeply rooted in classic Christianity. We’re convinced that the faith and practice of the ancient Church will engage our culture more effectively and provide a way forward in a time of almost unbelievable transition and change.

Our Clergy

   All clergy and commissioned ministers are examined and ordained through the Charismatic Episcopal Church of North America (CECNA). Many   

 clergy come from other denominations such as Southern Baptists, Anglican, Presbyterian, Orthodox, Methodist, Nazarene and others seeking the Holy Spirit through the "Three Streams" of the Faith. We maintain a conservative and Christian world-view and believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.  These men willingly come seeking the historic faith and are tired of their denominational gimmiks of rock & roll worship and shallow commitment to a church and the study of God's Word. 

So many of our churches have departed from the Christian faith defying the truth of Scripture.  Christian men wanting to maintain their Godly calling are doctrinally re-examined to ensure they have a Christian world-view before allowing them to be placed in a CEC church.  We uphold the fundamentals of the Gospel and hold our clergy to a high standard in order to teach an unwavering Faith for generations to come.  Any pastor or priest in the CEC that defies the Bible and doctrine is without any hesitation relived from his calling by our council of Bishops.  We will not put up with Bishops or Priests who do not believe in the Bible in totality.  We are not interested in the post-reformation nor the post modern church.  It has failed miserably with its mega-church approach to winning souls for Jesus Christ.  We do not believe in "same-sex marriage," or you are a transgender nor do we conform to secular models of worship to draw in crowds of people.  We are looking for those who want Christ and to live as Christ lived.  This means you will be challenged in your faith to live a Godly life.  We have seen hundreds of church hoppers and they move on.  Great!  But we have many who want an intimate relationship with Jesus and they find it here. 

So, men come into the CEC because they see God moving in their lives to live holy. Pastors seeking full communion in the faith connect with the vision: to "Reclaim the Historic Faith, Reach a New Generation for Christ and to Live it in Holy Community."  These Ambassadors for Christ seek to draw nigh to Christ.  They are focused Christian believers wanting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in 21st Century.

Who Are We

We are conservative Anglicans at heart, but…you don’t have to be. That’s one of the beautiful things about our fellowship of people.  Many of us consider ourselves Anglican Christians, and as a church, on any Sunday morning many of us come from a number of diverse backgrounds seeking an expression of the church that is fully sacramental-liturgical, evangelical and charismatic.  We are made up of Baptists, Catholics, Assembly of God, Charismatics, Greek Orthodox, Presbyterians, Methodists, Christian Church, Lutherans, Nazarene, non-denominational and folks without any church background at all. We have gathered to be a local expression of the Body of Christ.  If you listen long enough you will probably hear the term three streams used to reflect our central focus of bring all God’s people together under one assembly.  Our diversity actually demands of us to find a space where we can all gather in unity, in a middle space. So, every Sunday before we break bread together, you will hear these words, “This is God’s table, for all God’s people.” We think that communicates something profound about the work that God is doing in the world. God sent his Son, Jesus who died on the cross for all mankind sins, that we may have a relationship with him. We would love for you to come and worship with us and to meet allow Christ to meet you where you are.

Emmaus Abbey is a "Proprietary Chapel"
Emmaus Abbey Church is a Proprietary Chapel, the first of its kind in Tennessee.  This model has been been funded by private citizens and operating in England for centuries because of the high cost of land or lack of money to build churches. A proprietary Chapel means it is operated by an ordained priest assigned by his Bishop.  Fr. Brett, a retired Army Chaplain, and his wife purchased property and built the private chapel in December of 2010 as a place of personal worship for him and his family. It is a private worship center and chapel for the purpose of starting a church in Knoxville area.  The intention is that it be open to the public by invitation for worship and counseling. Normally, after the chapel has exceeded its seating capacity, it can then build their own facility on the recently purchased property. These chapels normally seat about 40-60 people.  The intent is to operate around 100-200 parishioners offering a full pastoral care, healing and worship ministry. The chapel provides a full scope of preaching, teaching, discipleship, missions, pastoral care, children services, worship, healing prayer and evangelism ministries. It is fully self-supporting through tithes, offerings and other donations to operate its ministry objectives.   Along with guidance from the CEC Diocesan Bishop, proprietary chapels have always been privately owned and funded until the congregation can purchase their own buildings.  The early church started without pastors being paid large salaries, there was no housing allowances, no church buildings, and no churches to supply loads of money to plant other churches. They just ask God to lead them and to grow them. Thus far, God has provided the necessary funding to support his vision for Emmaus Abbey church to minister to those God sends for prayer and healing. ACTS 10 and Jeremiah 29:11

   What is happening to the Christian church in 21st Century?  First, it is alive and well! God is getting ready to rapture the church.  All the events we see around the Nation of Israel show all the signs of Jesus' soon to return for his church.  He has given final warning and America and many other Nations have turned their back on him and he is raising up new sprouts, or small churches to bring new life to the apostate churches in small rural areas, cities and counties to revive those wanting to recommit their lives to Christ. In short, just like our political environment of defying God in schools, colleges and traditional churches.  God is bring judgment to these agencies, churches, and people who are denying Almighty God who created them.  Enough said!

We work off a sliding fee scale and as a counseling ministry and we will not turn anyone away because of their economic situation.  Our fees cover the cost of maintaining an office, supplies, bibles and other religious resources for client education. Please bring a bible to all your sessions. We are a 501C3 non-profit religious entity and all donations are tax deductible.

We are licensed NCCA Christian counselors.  All of our counselors are ordained clergy or commissioned ministers. We are not state licensed
  secular counselors, social workers, medical counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists. We do not prescribe medication nor advise clients about their medication. We work with several doctors in Knoxville because they see the value in Christian counseling over secular counseling
in getting to the root issues of conflict, individual, couple, children, marital, addiction or relational issues in peoples lives.

Everyone is Welcome to Join Our Communion!

"Spirit, Word and Sacrament!"