Spirit,  Word  and  Sacrament

‚ÄčEmmausAbbey Church

Life at the Abbey

Our Identity:  An Ancient Faith  With  Unique Worship which is  Relaxed, Contemporary and  Joyful

First, we are not a denomination, but pre-denominational, meaning we cross denominational lines, cultural environments to facilitate collaboration with like-minded individuals, churches and organizations.  To engage those who want to investigate the deep roots of the early church and classical Christianity and express our faith through joyful ancient evangelical & sacramental Christian worship.

We have never been apart of any other denomination in the US or overseas. We are Christians from all works of life like yourself that said enough of the post modern church today.  We want to go back to the basics of our Christian faith. At Emmaus Abbey, we take God seriously, but ourselves--not so much. We enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. We value the reverence for the holiness of God with the joyful freedom that he plants in our lives. Upon arrival you will quickly encounter ordinary people doing extra ordinary things. We  are a relaxed group, have no formal greeters; but try to be attentive and genuine, but not overwhelming. People tend to fit in easily here, as there's an emphasis on Christian charity and a belief that we work together in our worship and our spiritual growth.

We are Common and yet Diverse Community

When you start asking people at Emmaus about their previous experience with Christianity and church, you realize what an eclectic group we are. And if you stick around for a while, you'll start to notice we're a eclectic bunch in plenty of other ways too! Curiously, that diversity extends to our addresses as well. While some of us are local, others drive from as far as an hour away to participate at Emmaus Abbey. You'll see why. This parish is made up of some fascinating people, and that's part of what draws us despite the distance for some. You'll surely find other good churches nearer to your home--maybe even ones that are a better fit for you--but you won't find a copy of Emmaus Abbey. Who we are and what we do is delightfully uncommon.

We're a "Sunday 1030am Church"

If you are like me, I sometimes struggle getting up in the morning. My work week at times is stressful. Traditionally, Sunday has always been the big day for worship. So we meet mid-morning to allow folks time to relax in the afternoon with the family.  The pull to create midweek meetings is becoming more traditional these days so Emmaus Abbey is toying with conducting a midweek or Friday 6pm service.  Call us if this interests you and your family.

        So we've learned how to be an effective "Sunday church." All the components of parish life

                                                 are accessible by attending on Sundays.

For Emmaus Abbey we incorporate, adjust and accommodate a variety of worship and teaching opportunities on Sunday's. We may provide a pot-luck after the service, have a live concert, play games, watch a film,
work through new member courses, and more--not to mention standard Sunday elements like studying Scripture, receiving communion, corporate prayer, and occasionally Baptism and Confirmation. All of this is woven into the fabric of Sundays together.

Serving God Beyond Sunday

Emmaus Abbey is engaged in community life well into the week and month. We make sure a full portion of parish life happens on Sunday, but, of course, being a "Sunday Church" isn't a strict rule. We provide weekday counseling services, inner healing services, mission work and pastoral care to our member families. We are a Veteran Friendly Congregation and try to assist veterans in crisis and need family support.

As we grow, we are trying new avenues of approaching ministry where our families are living. Our midweek fellowships are met by meeting in small home groups, gatherings, and studies as our individual & family schedules and proximities  allow. Our goal is to have a vigorous reach beyond the doors of the Sunday church experience that provides our members the chance to connect with each other; as those relationships grow, people naturally carry their connection beyond Sundays.