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Pastoral Care to those in our Congregation

As parish nurses, registered nurses act as a vital link between their parishioners and the medical community.

There are many dimensions to parish nurses. They play a variety of roles including educator, counselor and advocate in their own faith family. And they are a source for preventative and restorative care, ministering holistically to individuals and families. One role parish nurses do not play is that of direct medical care provider.

The roles of the Parish Nurse include:

Integrator of Faith and Health, serving as a "translator" between faith and healthcare communities. With a knowledge base in both areas, many times the parish nurse can clarify issues and or reinforce the strong tie between faith and health.

Health Educator, providing educational programs to the congregation such as health screenings and illness prevention.

Health Counselor, providing individual health counseling services in the home or long-term care facility.

"Navigator" or "Advocate," assisting congregation members in finding their way through healthcare systems.

Referral Agent, finding resources and making referrals to agencies, organizations and support services to improve the member’s quality of life.

Developer of Support Groups, initiating and organizing groups designed to assist the participants with a specific issue.

Trainer of Volunteers, perhaps most importantly, recruiting and training volunteers to provide assistance.

Our Philosophy

Parish nursing embraces the spiritual dimension of the nursing practice in addition to the physical, psychological and social dimensions. In essence, parish nurses care for the body, mind and spirit ( 1Thess 5:23). Parish nurses collaborate with the their faith community leaders to form partnerships with other community health resources.

Parish nursing services are designed to involve individuals, families and congregations as active partners in their personal health. Through this involvement, nurses help empower communities and foster an environment of understanding and support. 

Emmaus Abbey Church is a Veteran Friendly Congregation and wished to reach out to our military community to support all our returning military families. 

Other Parish Nurse Programs

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