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An Oxford Education for:

Men and women seeking to learn about God

  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Licentiate in Theology
  • Masters in Ministry

The Mid-South Dioceses and Tennessee Commission on Ministry

St. Michael's Seminary was a vision of the ICCEC because of the ever increasing liberalism of the seminaries  and the ordination of women in the United States.  St. Michael's is a private seminary designed to ensure that the CEC priests, deacons and other Christians wanting a historical and  theological orthodox training and instruction to meet the needs of the CEC churches in North America and overseas. Obviously, with the liberal leanings of many of our Ivy League and other Seminaries not teaching solid biblical theology, these institutions have proven to have moved away from their biblical principles. So, having a designation of being a part of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and having that endorsement use to mean something, but many of these institutions have moved away from orthodox Christianity.  Therefore, the CEC has its own degree granting seminary and trains their priests and deacons for placement into parishes in North America and abroad.

The address if interested in the CEC is: 107 West Marquita Ave., San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 366-9480   Facsimile (949) 492-7238 
Established in November 1994 by our House of Bishops, St. Michael’s Seminary is responsible for the theological, vocational and

spiritual training of men for service in Holy Orders, and  for men and women in various lay ministries within the Charismatic Episcopal Church.

St. Michael’s allows the student to gain a complete, yet focused, advanced education in preparation for service to this denomination.  The course work emphasizes all three streams of the ancient faith: the charismatic, the evangelical and the sacramental/liturgical.

We at St. Michael’s Seminary are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest academic standards in teaching, research

and writing.  We are dedicated to graduating the most qualified candidates called to ministry in the Charismatic Episcopal Church. 

The St. Michael’s system of study, with on-line classes and local oversight, is a rigorous educational environment. 

Purpose and Vision

Purpose:St. Michael's Seminary exists to make visible the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world by making disciples of all the nations, teaching them to observe all things that Jesus Christ has commanded, under the authority and direction of the International Agency on Education.

Vision:St. Michael's Seminary will form men that above all else are men prepared and equipped to participate in God's governance

upon the earth, thereby producing fruit of God's kingdom that will remain to the glory of God.

Mission:As future leaders, men trained at St. Michael's seminary will run on the curriculum track that will bring them into mature formation in Christ. The biblical aspects of this track are proclamation, teaching, fellowship, service, worship, equipping and

sending out.
Philosophy of Ministry:
St. Michael's seminary will train men who stand on the theological virtues of faith, hope and love. These men will identify with Christ, thereby bringing forth many godly generations that will reflect the cardinal virtues of prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance. 


In order to insure that a student possesses the necessary skills to function in the Graduate Program, there are four basic

prerequisites for admission. English Composition:  An essay with the application for admission will determine the ability of the

applicant to write an essay which is grammatically correct and logically composed.  If the local Bishop and/or dean of the seminary determine that further work in English composition is called for, the student will be required to take the St. Michael’s English

Composition course (ENG-101) or its equivalent through a local community college or other institution of higher learning.

Basic Bible Content:  Applicants must show a basic knowledge of Holy Scripture.  Evidence of Bible college or other undergraduate

Bible courses will suffice.  If the student has no formal training in Bible he may apply to “place out” of this course by completing and passing a basic Bible content exam.  If further study is needed, he may take the four Bible study courses (BS-101–BS-104) offered in

the St. Michael’s Institute Diploma Program.

Church History:  A basic knowledge of Church history is essential for the graduate level studies at St. Michael’s.  A student may show evidence of undergraduate studies in Church history or he may apply to “place out” of this course if he has appropriate training in history and can pass a placement exam.  If additional study is needed, he may take CH-101 and CH-102 in the St. Michael’s Institute Diploma Program.  

Philosophy:  A basic knowledge of philosophy and an ability to express a Christian world view is necessary for theological study on

the graduate level.  Applicants must show evidence of undergraduate training in philosophy or they may apply to “place out” of this course by passing a placement exam.  If further study is needed, PH-101 in the Diploma Program is an appropriate course in basic philosophy. 



BS-501  Biblical Theology:  The Old Testament (3 hrs)

BS-510  Biblical Theology:  The New Testament (3 hrs)

BS-550  Theoretical Hermeneutics and Theoretical Homiletics (3 hrs)

BS-601  Unity of the Bible  (4 hrs)


LS-501  Practical Liturgics and Prayer Book Worship  (2 hrs)

LS-550  Practical Hermeneutics and Practical


LS-601  Development of Liturgy and Sacramental Theology  (3 hrs)


PS-501  Life in the Spirit:  Spiritual Formation and Direction (4 hrs)

PS-510  Foundations in Pastoral Care  (3 hrs)

PS-550  Church Administration and Canons  (4 hrs)

CH-601  History and Theology of the Ancient-Ecumenical

Orthodox Traditions: Roman, Orthodox, Anglican  (3 hrs)


TH-501  Systematic Theology:   Catholic, Evangelical, and Charismatic  (3 hrs)

TH-550  Ministry and Government   (3 hrs)

TH-601  Ethics and Moral Theology  (3 hrs)  Total:  44 hours ON-LINE EDUCATION

St. Michael’s Seminary courses are offered on line in the virtual classroom.  Instructors for the courses are chosen by the curriculum committee for their expertise in the respective areas of study.  In the graduate level curriculum, most courses are divided into five classes, and each class is divided into two sessions on line.  These sessions may be offered as morning and afternoon sessions or on separate days, giving each course the option of from five to ten actual meeting times, depending on the needs of the registered students.  Local oversight by your sponsoring priest and Bishop is also an essential element in your seminary training.

For each course you, the student, will be provided with a syllabus, detailing the purpose of the course, its objectives, and practical application, a course outline, and questions for the readings for most of the required texts. Your grade will be determined by class participation on line, together with papers, and other assignments as determined by the instructor.  

The St. Michael’s curriculum is designed to encourage Oxford style class interaction. The student must therefore remain current in his reading, be well versed in the material, and prepared to defend his position with the other students in the seminar. Class participation is mandatory.  During normal semesters, only one absence from an on line class is allowed. Though the instructor will be given substantial latitude in teaching the course, the core curriculum has been exhaustively researched and carefully prepared so that we may maintain the utmost integrity and continuity of the content of the faith.

St. Michael’s Seminary offers an:

Undergraduate Diploma

a Masters Degree in Ministry, and

a Licentiate in Theology to those who complete the proper course requirements

Students intending to receive a degree must maintain continuous enrollment until conferral of the degree and complete all the course requirements within a seven year period from the start of the first class to the end of the last class, unless written deferment is granted

by the dean.

Application for admission to the Seminary and class registration is normally accomplished through your local parish priest and diocesan bishop.  Recommendation by the rector, and acceptance by the diocesan bishop or his appointed representative are necessary before final acceptance is given by the academic dean for enrollment.  Contact your local priest for more information and an application.


Per course cost:$350 Per course audit: $175 Matriculation (application):$100 For information on other charges and fees contact your local parish priest. 

Emmaus Institute Counseling Degree Process:

Get a Certification and degree in Christian Counseling

Step 1:  Creation Therapy Foundation Course/Practicum

Step 2: Licensure Program through Emmaus Abbey Church & NCCA School: 8 Courses

Emmaus Institute courses are: $303.00/course | Application fee $100.00 | $75.00 NCCA Clinical Membership

Step 3: Get Licensed through NCCA per certification and your Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree through St. Michael's

Students are responsible for purchasing all required course texts.  The purchase of all required texts is considered an essential part of building a valuable personal library for ministry.