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St. Michael’s Seminary is a ministry of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) and CEC North America CECNA). It is the purpose of the seminary to prepare candidates for ordained ministry, to provide opportunities for all Christians to deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith, and to equip people in all stations of life for greater service in the work or ministry to which God has called them. As an external degree program in the Mid-South Diocese, the seminary has a number of small branch campuses and is designed to serve working people who cannot leave their jobs and go off for years of study.  We are not affiliated with any other church or denomination. 

Each course generally lasts for four months with formal classes held one weekend per month. There is reading and other work carried out individually between the classes. Students are encouraged to get together and share in their studies, and teachers take a strong personal and pastoral interest in their students’ growth in knowledge and skills for ministry.

Below are several links which will provide you with additional information regarding the Mid-South Diocese’s St. Michael’s Seminary Program.  If you have questions regarding the Seminary program, please contact the The Rev’d Canon Robert Wills at seminary@midsouthdiocese.org
Links can be found at:www.midsouthdiocese.org/ministries/st-michaels-seminary

Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre for Christian Counseling and Emmaus Institute - (Certified Academic Institution):  works with Christians seeking a classical theology degree in ministry who also wish to be pastoral counselors. This combination is the best fit for those wishing to be professional counselors.  The counselor must have a good theological foundation in Scripture, theology and counseling in order to be an effective Christian counselor. 

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