Spirit,  Word  and  Sacrament

EmmausAbbey Church


An Ancient Faith, Reaching a New Generation, Lived in Holy Community

                                Emmaus Abbey Church meets @ 10:30am on Sunday's...7317 Glastonbury Road, Knoxville, Tn

What to Expect   at Emmaus Abbey 

       Three Streams...Spirit | Word  | Sacrament

When you arrive at Emmaus Abbey, expect to encounter the "Ancient Future Church."  Robert Webber posited, “Worship is the key

to the renewal of the church.”  We believe God reveals his love to us through worship which involves Spirit, Word and and the Sacraments which together constitute the three streams of a life giving church. Like trees planted at the water's edge, our roots are nourished by these three streams.

Scripture which is God’s inspired word and is our authoritative guide for faith and life.

The Holy Spirit who is at work in the church and the world manifesting God’s power and releasing God’s gifts.

The Sacraments which we embrace as part of a participatory liturgical worship.

These three streams, the Spirit, the Scriptures and the Sacraments define our core values, shape our identity, and guide our words, actions, and worship. By God’s grace revealed in these three streams, we can live a life that abides with Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and that sets us free. 

What Happens on Sunday's

Sunday’s at Emmaus Abbey

Before you decide… We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. Most people will dress in casual Friday attire, so dress how you feel comfortable and you’ll fit right in. Kids are welcome!  We understand that kids are kids and that they make noise so don’t worry about that at all. Many churches cart their children off into some corner in the church. We encourage children to sit through the service so they can experience the mystery of God's love, hear the Scripture read and experience the mystery of communion.  The early church had no buildings, no Sunday school rooms to isolate their children  from worship. So we encourage and welcome family worship here at Emmaus Abbey. Sometimes children do get too cumbersome and when this happens we understand and have a sitting room in which you may take them.

When you arrive … As you arrive at our home church setting, please feel free to park anywhere in the parking area provided and enter through the doors marked “Worship Center.” After being greeted by a friendly face, please feel free to get a name tag at the Greeter’s table located on the right just inside the building.  It is exciting to be apart of a new church plant and by having you attend our service shows us that God is working in our midst.  
Because people matter to us , we wear name tags so that everyone feels at home. We know how uncomfortable it is to be an unknown person in the crowd. After getting your name tag, please feel free to enjoy some refreshments and coffee located in the back of the room.
Just before 6:00pm … Just around 5:55pm... on Sunday afternoons, our worship leader and our praise team begin singing gathering music as people get ready for the Sunday evening worship experience. This gives people time to finish up a cup of coffee, finish up a good conversation and find their seat in the congregation, or give a few more minutes for those who may be running late.

During the service … Everything you will need for following the service is found in a service program provided to you upon entering the building. If you didn’t get a program, please go to the greeter’s table and pick one up there. We take ancient forms of worship and mix them with modern music and applicable Bible teaching. During the last part of the service, the Lord’s Supper is offered to baptized Christians who choose to participate.  If you’re not a Christian, please feel free to come forward for prayer.

After the service …Immediately following the service, please join us for refreshments and conversation. If you haven’t filled out a guest card by this time, please request one at the greeter’s table, fill it out there and just leave it on the table.  If you have any questions later, don't forget there is a contact form on the website.  Just check out the  "Contact Us"  link on the right!

Contact Visits... Just after attending worship services folks always have questions.  We are glad to answer any questions after the service.  If for some reason you have to leave right after the service, we would love to make a home or lunch visit over coffee to discuss your concerns.  Many blessings, Pastor Brett

We are seeking a paid keyboardist and acoustic guitar player for our evening 6pm service. If you would be interested in auditioning please contact the pastor or Mrs. Rankin know after one of our services or call 865-661-1418.